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If you are unsure where to start, then I recommend watching The Fall of the Cabal and the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal. Each segment is 20-30 minutes, and they are well researched and extremely eye opening. Final episodes for the sequel are still being released, so check back for more.

What do you want to know today?

As the news is coming out faster and faster the articles have been too time consuming to keep up with. They are being left up as an archive only now.

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The Twitter Files

  • Part 1 - The Twitter Files
  • Part 2 - Twitter's Secret Blacklists
  • Part 3 - The Removal of Donald Trump
  • Part 4 - The Removal of Donald Trump: January 7
  • Part 5 - The Removal of Donald Trump from Twitter
  • Part 6 - Twitter, the FBI Subsidiary

Marco Polo Report on Biden Laptop
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