Meet The Drag Queen Biden Just Put In Charge Of Nuclear Waste

Source: ZeroHedge

Date: 2/10/2022

Politico reported today that Sam Brinton has been appointed the new deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Energy Department’s Office of Nuclear Energy. Who is Sam Brinton? A "non-binary" drag queen into kink. In "their" own words

Whether they are walking the halls of Congress to help educate the Hill on the differences in advanced nuclear reactors or belting out their favorite tunes with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC, it is hard to miss Sam Brinton’s passion for changing the world – and potentially their stilettos.

As Jon Miller put it, "even in Weimar, this kind of perverted degeneracy was kept underground". 

Brinton is also what's known as a "pup handler". 

At least the Biden Administration has found something to distract us from that 7.5% CPI print. Speaking of which...

In Case You Missed It

In our previous post (How To Not Get Crushed), we wrote about how to prepare for the inevitable Fed rate hikes it will take to rein in inflation, and the bear market that they will likely cause. In that post, we noted that our top names seemed to have gotten back on track at the end of last month. 

These were our top ten names on Thursday, January 27th.

Screen capture via Portfolio Armor on 1/27/2022.

I felt fairly confident about this batch when our system generated it. Tesla (TSLA), Nvidia (NVDA), and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) are of course all dominant companies in their industries, and all have generated strong returns when they appeared in our top names in the past. Antero Resources Corp (AR) and the Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 2x Shares (GUSH) seemed to make sense given the bull market in oil, and we'd done well with the iPath Series B Bloomberg Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN (JO), given the coffee shortages over the past year.

Here's how that top names cohort has done so far:

Good luck, everyone. It looks like we'll need it. 

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