BREAKING: VP Harris To Finally Visit The U.S.-Mexico Border, Three Months After Being Put In Charge

Source: RF Angle

Date: 6/23/2021

Vice President Kamala Harris will finally visit the United States-Mexico border this week, three months after Biden assigned her to be his border czar, and days after House Republicans urged President Biden to relieve Harris of her duty of handling the border crisis.

Politico reported that Harris “will make a stop in El Paso, Texas on Friday, according to sources familiar with the trip. She is expected to be accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.”

Harris’s office and the Department of Homeland Security both refused to confirm details of the Vice President’s planned visit.

It appears that Harris was trying to beat former President Donald Trump to the border. Trump is scheduled to pay a visit to the border in Texas and is planning to speak along side Governor Greg Abbott about his plans on constructing a border wall and sending reinforcements to the Texas border with Mexico, a plan which Governor Abbott announced last week.

“Harris’ trip comes just days before former President Donald Trump is set to visit the border,” Politico noted. “Trump will be joined on that trip by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and a group of House Republicans.”

Harris was originally put in charge of Biden’s immigration crisis back in February, since then she has made numerous trips abroad, while cases in illegal alien apprehensions went up. According to her however, she said that she is not in charge of the border itself – rather, she claimed that DHS Secretary Mayorkas is tasked with handling the issue of illegal immigration. – instead she believed that she was tasked with solving “root causes” of migration in the Northern Triangle – El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Harris trip to the Northern Triangle was viewed as a complete failure to both American and Latin American legislatures, and the locals in Guatemala were not to please with her visit to their country. at one point, Harris got visibility agitated with a report after being questioned on whether or not she will visit the border. She even cut off a Univision reporter after she pressed her on the issue.

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