New Jan. 6 Video: Confirmation Capitol 'Break-in' Happened BEFORE Trump Was Done Speaking

Source: Western Journal

Date: 11/26/2021

Since Jan. 6, the establishment media have reported that a throng of Trump supporters left then-President Donald Trump’s speech in Washington and headed straight to the Capitol building to cause chaos.

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“It wasn’t until President Trump was in the middle of his speech when I got a text that said, ‘They breached the Capitol,'” founder Ann Versteel said. “And I thought, ‘Who in the world was that?'”

There is more to the story of Jan. 6 than you have been told. If you want the full truth, get “Capitol Punishment” now.

Film producer Nina May seemingly corroborated Versteel’s account.

“The people that were already there, the ones that were already starting to break in, they weren’t hearing his speech,” May said.

“It wasn’t being broadcast, it wasn’t being carried any place. So who inspired them to break into the Capitol?”

MAGA Institute co-founder Timothy Shea added there was “no way” someone who was at Trump’s speech could have made it to the Capitol in time for the initial break-in.



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