Mark Meadows Sues Nancy Pelosi, January 6 Select Committee

Source: Resist the Mainstream

Date: 12/9/2021

There has been added drama with the January 6 select committee coming after Mark Meadows, who was former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff at the time. On Wednesday, a civil complaint was filed on behalf of Meadows against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the nine members of the select committee, and the select committee itself.

The lawsuit says Meadows believed the committee would “act in good faith” until he learned over the weekend the lawmakers had subpoenaed Verizon for his personal phone records. The telecommunications company told Meadows in a letter dated Saturday that it would comply with the committee’s subpoena by Dec. 15 unless a court ordered otherwise.

The select committee commented through its official Twitter account late on Wednesday night.

Meadows’s flawed lawsuit won’t succeed at slowing down the Select Committee’s investigation or stopping us from getting info we’re seeking.

The Committee will meet next week to advance a report recommending that the House cite Meadows for contempt and refer him for prosecution.

— January 6th Committee (@January6thCmte) December 9, 2021

This is only one of many recent developments.

On Tuesday, the same day that Meadows’ book, “The Chief’s Chief,” was released, it was revealed that Meadows had decided he would not cooperate with a subpoena he had been served with by the committee after all. The former chief of staff was among the first key figures subpoenaed by the committee in September.

Today, the @January6thCmte learned that Mark Meadows will not further cooperate.

Why he can discuss Jan 6 in a book, but not with Congress, is inexplicable. His deposition will proceed as planned.

If he fails to appear, he will be subject to criminal contempt.

— Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) December 7, 2021

The Select Committee has numerous questions for Mr. Meadows about records he has turned over to the Committee with no claim of privilege, which include real-time communications with many individuals as the events of January 6th unfolded.

— January 6th Committee (@January6thCmte) December 7, 2021

Tomorrow’s deposition will go forward as planned.

If indeed Mr. Meadows refuses to appear, the Select Committee will be left no choice but to advance contempt proceedings and recommend that the body in which Meadows once served refer him for criminal prosecution.

— January 6th Committee (@January6thCmte) December 7, 2021

Last month Meadows had failed to comply with the subpoena when he did not appear before the select committee at the date directed. Not longer after it was announced he had appeared to reach a deal with the select committee, though.

Through a letter from attorneys, Trump urged those subpoenaed not to comply, citing executive and other privileges. Such has been Meadows’ defense.

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