Were the feds behind it? Amazing new details come out regarding number of unindicted Jan. 6 “co-conspirators”

Source: Law Enforcement Today

Date: 12/20/2021

WASHINGTON, DC- For anyone who is paying attention and who is not a far-left demagogue, the “insurrection” narrative surrounding the January 6 siege at the US Capitol continues to fall apart faster than CNN’s ratings.

Law Enforcement Today has reported several times on a number of unindicted co-conspirators who for whatever reason still have yet to be charged by the Department of Justice.

In November, Revolver News published an investigative report on a man named Ray Epps—who they say “appears to be the key unlocking the question of active federal involvement in the so-called ‘Capitol Siege’ of January 6th.”

On these pages, we have questioned the possible involvement of FBI agents or informants in the Capitol siege, especially in light of information that the feds were involved in the alleged “kidnapping” plot of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Revolver says that Epps more than anyone else identified among the thousands of people present at the Capitol on Jan. 6, along with the thousands of hours of released video of the event show, is the only person captured on camera plotting an attack on the Capitol.

On Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, Epps made it clear several times in multiple locations that he was intent on breaching the U.S. Capitol.

Epps was seen attempting to recruit hundreds of people to join him, and was actually captured on video “leading key people and managing key aspects of the initial breach of the Capitol grounds himself,” Revolver noted.

Think about this for a minute.

Epps is seen actively encouraging a breach of the Capitol, on video. As has been widely reported since Jan. 6, the FBI and other federal agencies have aggressively been tracking down people who were merely near the Capitol on that date, in some cases conducting early morning raids on unsuspecting people.

Many who never entered the Capitol have been detained or arrested, with some purportedly being still held in jail without bond, some in solitary confinement. So where is Epps?

His comments captured on Jan. 5 led to action on Jan. 6, with Epps following through on his promise to breach the Capitol, with Epps actively leading the charge during the first breach of barricades at 12:50 p.m.

It should be noted that at that time, former President Trump was still speaking at his rally, which Trump derangement syndrome sufferers claim was the impetus for the Capitol attack.

Furthermore, Epps’ breach of the Capitol occurred only one minute after Capitol Police officers responded to reports of “pipe bombs” being located at both the Democratic National Committee and Republican headquarters.

It would “appear” these reports were used as a diversion to further diminish Capitol Police resources to respond to the breach. As has been reported, the presence of pipe bombs at both locations was false.

That breach at 12:50 by Epps is identified by the Department of Justice, as well as news outlets such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as the seminal moment in the breach of the U.S. Capitol.

As Revolver reports, “Indeed it was the 12:50 p.m. breach of the Capitol grounds, in conjunction with a handful of suspicious individuals ripping down fencing and signage, that set in motion the conditions allowing for 1/6 to turn from a rally into a riot.” [emphasis added by source]

Epps was first identified by the FBI, which attributed Epps to the Capitol incident on Jan. 8, 2021, just two days after the event, posting his picture on its Capitol Violence “Most Wanted List,” which included offering a cash reward for information leading to his arrest.

So confident in Epps’s connection to organizing the siege was the FBI that he was named by them as Suspect #16—one of the first 20 so-called high profile suspects being sought by the FBI, a database which ha snow swelled to over 500 suspects.

However, by Jun 30, 2021, Epps had still not been arrested despite being publicly identified on the Most Wanted List, with both Revolver and the New York Times suggesting a “more aggressive interrogation” of the so-called “Ray Epps third rail.”

So how did the FBI respond? According to Revolver, they removed all references of Epps from their website, then basically played dumb. Think something doesn’t smell really bad here? It seems to be that way.

So bad has it gotten that the FBI seems to have developed selective amnesia where Epps is concerned, with agents in the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office denying he even exists. In fact, the FBI actually began to harass journalists who were looking into Epps, as found in this clip.

Then we have the absolute joke of the House Select Committee “investigating” the Jan. 6 “insurrection.”

While they have been more than willing to submit altered text messages into the record, they have ignored Epps and his communications which led up to the Jan. 6 incident.

Meanwhile, they have held former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in contempt because he refuses to violate executive privilege.

In a bit of amusing irony, Revolver notes, despite the best efforts of the DOJ to purge Epps from the “Wanted” database, his face is still visible on the agency’s pinned Twitter image by the FBI’s DC Field Office.

So clearly, by all appearances Epps appears to have been some kind of FBI plant in the Jan. 6 Capitol incident. As Revolver notes, if that is in fact the case, that would seen to stick a fork in the whole “Donald Trump incited an insurrection” narrative.

Given the fact that Epps appeared to indeed be the face of the so-called “insurrection,” who led the charge in storming the Capitol grounds, it indeed gives the appearance of a false flag operation.

As noted in the Whitmer “kidnapping plot,” there were more than one FBI asset involved in the formulation and advocacy for the plot. It is naïve to think that in the case of an operation as involved and “important to the cause” as the Jan. 6 incident, that Epps was the only one involved as an operative of the FBI.

According to Revolver:

But it is imperative to note that if Epps were just a cog in a much larger federal operation, he would not have been deployed alone. Historically speaking, when Feds have orchestrated fake mobs of fake protesters, or contrived fake conspiratorial plots, the Feds’ own assets have commonly comprised between 16% to 25% of the plot’s participants, at least in its key respects. Indeed, the FBI once flew in 1,600 rowdy spooks to infiltrate a single convention with just 10,000 protesters.

Indeed, according to Revolver, recent events attributed to “right-wing militias” have exceeded the 16% mark on the “Fed Saturation Index,” and are believed to be at around 25-50%. Revolver previously noted:

Students of FBI history should quickly absorb the lesson that infiltrating Feds are like roaches: whenever you spot one, it is guaranteed there are dozens of others nearby. Feds simply never, ever, operate alone.

This is how you end up with at least 12 FBI informants in a tiny “right-wing” Michigan plot from October 2020 (that’s just informants, not even agents), 15 informants in the “right-wing” Malheur plot, dozens in the 2014 Bundy Ranch affair—including six FBI undercover agents posing as fake documentarians shooting a fake documentary—and the list goes on. [Note: the Michigan plot is the Whitmer “kidnapping]

Revolver decided that since it is unlikely Epps acted alone if he was indeed an FBI operative, they were going to investigate other people who may have worked in conjunction with him.

And, according to the outlet, the results of their probe “look[s] even worse for the FBI than Revolver’s already low expectations.” They investigated only five of whom they referred to as the “most egregious cases” and examined how they crossed paths or interacted with Epps.

As is typical for such cases involving federal agencies, most if not all of the participants are unaware of other government informants surrounding them. So, it wouldn’t be necessary for anyone participating in the plot to know others likewise involved.

If the January 6 commission was interested in finding the truth of what happened instead of operating from the realm of “getting Donald Trump,” they might look into some of the below information in addition to the Epps angle.

After the initial breach of barriers at the behest of Epps, the group moved metal police barricades, tore down “restricted area” signs, and moved protective fencing from around the Capitol lawn, Revolver said in laying out a timeline of events. That particular area is, with no barriers in place, typically open to the public.

That particular breach served another purpose for those who were going to try to pin this on Trump supporters. It was “the very first walkway entrance into the Capitol grounds that every trump supporter would arrive at first as they walked from the Trump rally to the Capitol.”

Was this by accident? Probably not. This was at the Peace Monument targeted in advance by Epps and his team, since anyone walking from the Trump rally to the Capitol would be directed to this specific entrance.

What did this preliminary breach accomplish? It removed restricted area signs, chain link fencing and metal barricades, as well as pushed back the police, all at the same time tens of thousands of Trump supporters were still at his speech.

Anyone leaving the speech and going to this area would by and large have no idea that they couldn’t legally enter this area, since as mentioned above it is typically open to the public.

Also, as Revolver notes a majority of Trump’s supporters wouldn’t arrive at the US Capitol entrance until nearly an hour after Epps’ team breached the walkway. According to a timeline, Trump’s speech would go on for another 20 minutes, while it was about a 30 minute walk to the Capitol.

On their arrival, it looked to them as if since there were already hundreds of people inside the Capitol grounds, they too could enter. As Revolver noted on October 10, “the Ray Epps Breach Team thus set up what may amount to the largest booby-trap in American history.”

Revolver in that October 10 report detailed footage of a man with a dark complexion who was “coolly and methodically cutting down and then rolling up ‘restricted area’ fencing around the Capitol lawn.”

They noted he wore no Trump gear and was wearing standard “Fed” sunglasses on a cloudy day, acting not as a crazy insurrectionist but methodically, “like he was just there to do a job.”

As with Epps, this man has not been indicted, nor does the FBI appear to be seeking him out. He is nowhere to be found on the Capitol “Most Wanted List,” with no reward for information leading to his identity.

Meanwhile, the FBI is seeking plenty of senior citizens and teenagers who committed no property crimes or physical damage. Pretty weird, right? Want to make some quick cash? Identify FBI “Most Wanted” Suspect #342. Looks like a terrorist, right?

Another unindicted co-conspirator is known as “#FenceCutterBulwark,” thus named because of the name on his fire retardant jacket, typically used in the oil and gas industry. A number of other unindicted co-conspirators wore similar jackets.

This guy stuck out because he was at the original breach site at 12:31, twenty minutes before the initial breach. He was basically just sitting there, not doing much of anything. That was also about 17 minutes before some 220 members of the Proud Boys arrived at the Peace Monument.

The importance of that is because news outlets, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and HBO articulated that it was the arrival of the Proud Boys at the Peace Monument at 12:48 that set off a sudden breach.

However, so-called “FenceCutterBulwark” and other operators were already waiting in place even as the Proud Boys contingent was over a mile away eating lunch. That seems to suggest there was knowledge beforehand that a breach would take place at this location.

According to video, Epps was in position at the exact walkway where the breach team will pry open barricades at least six minutes before arrival of the Proud Boys. Moreover, he was seen there at least 45 minutes prior to their arrival.

However the presence of yet another man sitting across from FenceCutterBulwark at 12:31 p.m. is even more telling. A number of Jan. 6 online researchers have identified this man as yet another unindicted leader of the Jan. 6 riot, known online as “#NWScaffoldCommander,” while ignored by the mainstream media.

This individual, who gives off the appearance of being your average middle-aged man was engaged in an number of activities on Jan. 6 and has been identified as “the ringleader” of the Capitol breach by those investigating Jan. 6 (not Congress or the FBI, of course).

“ScaffoldCommander” gets his name due to his presence in the “media tower,” a temporary structure set up for media crews to film the upcoming Jan. 20 inauguration.

This guy was a prominent figure on that tower on Jan. 6, barking out orders to those below over a megaphone. It served as an excellent de facto “command post” from which to lead the riot. He is clearly heard on most video from that day giving non-stop verbal commands to those below, including, “Don’t just stand there. Keep moving forward!”

After barking those orders for an hour, and once some people had gained entry to the Capitol, ScaffoldCommander changed his orders from moving forward to “Okay we’re in! We’re in! Come on! We gotta fill up the Capitol! Come on! Come now! We need help, we gotta fill up the Capitol! They got in!

So of course, ScaffoldCommander is on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list of Jan. 6 criminals, right? Nope, he isn’t on the list, no charges have been filed and the FBI plays dumb as to his existence.

Aside from ScaffoldCommander, Revolver identifies yet another unidentified co-conspirator who was also on the media tower along with him. This person, known as “#TowerManMale19” read a prepared speech out oud to the crowd.

The speech was a combination of words about cancel culture and reforming election processes. At one point, ScaffoldCommander became frustrated with his tower partner, yelling for him to focus: “Tell them to move forward! That’s all they need to know right now! Tell ‘em to move forward!”

The admonition from the media tower took on two different scenarios, the first being to get the crowd to “move forward” while putting pressure on the front of the crowd, until finally a switch was flipped and it changed from move forward to “Fill up the Capitol.”

As with Epps, this guy was basically a squeaky wheel, more interested in firing up the crowd yet standing back while getting others to do the dirty work.

At one point, for example, Revolver points out that Epps was mocked about his plan to attack the Capitol, and finally after equivocating back and forth finally simply said, “We need to go inside the Capitol” because “The Capitol is our enemy.”

The other interesting factoid that came out of Revolver’s investigation of video was the actual similarities between Epps and ScaffoldCommander. Quite “ironically,” Epps was stationed immediately below the media tower…and ScaffoldCommander…for the entire 90 minute time period it took to get the crowd to move forward, then finally inside the building.

At one point, Epps actually approached police officers, who had just fired off pepper spray into the crowd. Eventually Epps apparently reached a consensus with the police officers whereby Trump supporters could gather on the Capitol’s front step if they stood thee peacefully. At this point, Epps turned toward the crowd and said, “Guys: Listen Up. Up to the steps and stay there. We’re gonna stay there for a while.”

What this accomplished was to get the crowd to move forward toward the Capitol building, as ScaffoldCommander had done. This occurred only thirty minutes before the Capitol building was breached.

Meanwhile, there were already tens of thousands of people behind Epps. Shortly afterward, the crowd broke out in the Star Spangled Banner.

So these two men—Ray Epps and ScaffoldCommander—easily identifiable, have yet to be prosecuted nor are they wanted by the FBI.

One thing which has been made clear by Revolver’s investigation is that ScaffoldCommander and Epps appeared to work together from start to finish on Jan. 6.

Both were in position in the area of the initial breach site at 12:50 p.m., and were so positioned before the Proud Boys arrived, seeming to debunk the official narrative that the Proud Boys instigated the riot.

It is more than ironic that all three of these individuals—Epps, ScaffoldCommander and FenceCutterBulwark were all in the same area so early in the day.

As events began to unfold, Epps was antagonizing police at the front of the barricades, while ScaffoldCommander was doing the same on the lawn only yards away. This was almost at the exact same time the Proud Boys arrived at the Peace Monument at 12:45 p.m.

If all the above isn’t bizarre enough, it gets worse or rather more mysterious. The level of coordination among these players cannot be a coincidence. At nearly the exact same moment Epps and his team began to breach the Capitol line at 12:50, a similar operation of fence and barricade removal was taking place out of sight police.

A person dubbed “#BlackSkiMask” was working to open up that section of barricade at 12:53, according to metadata obtained by Revolver, the exact same minute that Epps started to take on Capitol police.

Just as happened the night before when they rejected Epps, the crowd was virtually begging BlackSkiMask to stop breaking the law, a familiar pattern we’ve seen in other videos of the incident.

He then managed to go to the walkway Epps cleared with his team, and began dumping police barricades over the side of the walkway wall.

With some 15,000 people walking to the Capitol from the Trump speech, there were no police barricades in place so it is likely these folks had no idea they were actually banned from the Capitol steps.

Revolver had previously reported that according to the official story of the riot, a man named Ryan Samsel started the riot by pushing the barricades first; however video shows that it was BlackSkiMask who ended up in front of Samsel in rushing the second set of police barricades.

Pretty sure you know the rest of the story…BlackSkiMask has not been arrested, although he remains on the FBI Capitol Most Wanted list, listed as Suspect #148.

More shocking still, not only do the feds have an ID on BlackSkiMask, they have a police report from January 5. On that date, he was pulled off a bus by dozens of police officers under suspicion that his vehicle was packed with guns and bombs. The bus was stopped just in front of the US Department of Justice. Weird, right?

Given the fact police stopped the bus, it would seem to be logical that the names of those on the converted school bus must be in possession of law enforcement.

However nearly one year after January 6, the FBI hasn’t charged BlackSkiMask (or anyone else on the bus) for anything. If there is one thing we have learned about the Biden Justice Department, if they want charges, they’ll even make them up. Yet, there he sits on the FBI Wanted List.

 Given the aggressiveness with which the FBI has targeted anyone who even uttered the words “January 6,” it’s shocking that not only have none of these guys in the bus been charged with anything (including BlackSkiMask) but this incident completely stayed under the radar and was never reported by the media.

The only memorialization of the stop was on Twitter, where someone named Alejandro Alvarez wrote the following:

“Alright, important update on the Hippies for Trump bus: Its’ been stopped near the 9th Street tunnel and surrounded by loads of police. Right outside the Justice Department of all places. Looks like it’s being searched.”

The vehicle was stopped by agents in at least eight separate police vehicles.

A second tweet:

“Police are poking around for something in the back (and stuff strapped to the roof) with a few K-9 units. They’ve got the bus cordoned off with yellow tape but they’ve drawn down their presence a bit. There were seriously TONS of police earlier.”

Yet despite all of this, Revolver said search engine results for the above incident come up goose eggs…zip, zero, zilch.

With that said it seems rather odd that an incident which allegedly involved guns and explosives in a bus parked in front of the DOJ on the day before the “worst insurrection in history” and especially in light of the controversy surrounding the election.

Even more so, what a coup, getting a bus full of crazed Trump supporters in Washington, DC.

Why a total media and law enforcement blackout? Part of the narrative being put forth is that police were caught off guard by what happened at the Capitol on January 6. Something like this would have crushed that narrative.

None of this of course should come as a surprise. Everything that we’ve learned about the events of January 6 make no sense. It was well-known that people were unhappy about the November election, due to numerous questions surrounding the veracity of the election.

And former Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sund on at least two occasions asked for additional assets, including once on Jan. 4 when he made an “urgent” request for back-up personnel, however, was denied.

He then asked to have a state of emergency declared at the Capitol, also on Jan. 4 and was again denied. Former President Trump offered 10,000 National Guard troops, but that was turned down.

Yet on Jan. 5, a vehicle allegedly containing guns and explosives is stopped by police, accompanies by federal agents and bomb-sniffing dogs, yet no reconsideration was given for Sund’s requests, or Trump’s offer? Again, this makes no sense.

Other facts which make no sense. Both Epps, who traveled from Arizona, and BlackSkiMask, who appears to be from Texas are alleged to be Trump supporters who traveled thousands of miles to travel to Washington, DC. But we’re expected to believe they missed the actual Trump rally in order to break into the Capitol instead.

There are several additional strange coincidences, incidents of law enforcement having names of suspects yet not prosecuting them, and instances of coordination between individuals who showed up at the Capitol separately yet worked in tandem with one another.

There are simply too many unanswered questions and the FBI is not answering them.

Clearly there was enough intelligence available ahead of time which should have had the FBI and other law enforcement agencies step up their game at the Capitol, and probably take up Trump on his offer of National Guard troops.

Had those troops been in place, it’s fair to assume none of this wouldn’t have happened.

It is also important to find out what Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it. After all, as Speaker, she is responsible for the security of the Capitol. Yet that question hasn’t been answered. In fact, that question hasn’t been asked, including by the vaunted House Select Committee.

One last item that needs to be addressed. Just five days after the Jan. 6 riot, Ray Epps told AZ Central in an apparent series of conflicted statements that, “I think the truth needs to get out,” and “they were supposed to go in the doors like everyone else.”

Revolver poses some important questions:

  1. “What ‘truth’ did Ray Epps mean, when he said ‘the truth needs to get out?’”
  2. “Why did EPPS believe the ‘crowd was supposed to go in’ the Capitol a certain way—i.e. through the front Columbus entrance doors, rather than breaking and entering the rear Capitol windows?”
  3. “Who was Ray Epps working for, and who told him how things were ‘supposed’ to go?”

Consider this. According to Revolver, the feds paid secret operatives a total of $548 million in 2020 for undercover operations around the country. Then note that some 20 percent of their roster of informants consists of “longtime informants.”

In fact, it appears that a number of informants are in fact authorized in advance to go out and commit crimes, with some federal handlers giving permission for informants to commit some 22,800 crimes in the 2011-2014 reporting period alone.

In addition, the FBI under Wray doubled “right-wing extremism investigations” in April 2020, a full seven months before the Capitol riot. In addition, both the FBI and DHS issued threat assessments which identified right-wing extremist groups as the country’s #1 top priority law enforcement and terrorism threat.

None of that changed even after Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots plagued America’s cities during the entire summer of that same year.

Under Department of Justice guidelines, the FBI is forced to tailor its informant roster to whatever threat assessments are the “special of the day.”

In this case, it seems like looking at Jan. 6 at first glance, it seems like the threat assessment was a pretext to what would take place on that date and beyond by federal law enforcement officials.

 In an interesting bit of information, the House Select Committee has managed to issue over 100 subpoenas for civilian cell phone records. Curiously, they have not subpoenaed phone records for Epps or any of the other “unnamed co-conspirators.”

Probably because they would destroy the narrative put forth by Schiff, Cheney, Swalwell and the other reprobates on the committee.

We don’t throw the term “false flag” around recklessly, but as we’ve said since day one, something about this whole Jan. 6 thing seems off…way off.


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