A Real Facebook Whistleblower Steps Out Exposing Haugen: ‘She’s a Deep State Stooge’

Source: True Defender

Date: 10/11/2021

Frances Haugen, the “Facebook whistleblower” that took advantage of the current situation and the shaken beliefs, was exposed by a real whistleblower.

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According to his claims, Frances was actually tasked with justifying stricter censorship rules across the internet by the Democrats.

the thing that really exposed who she is is the fact she was given full mainstream-media coverage, from the minute she stepped out, none of her posts were ever blocked on social media, she was even given a prime-time television slot, and invited to air her grievances to Congress!!!

I mean – it’s THAT obvious, you don’t even need additional proof.

But, for shallow, blind people, the proof, luckily, arrived in the form of a real actual Facebook Whistleblower, Ryan Hartwig. He’s a former content moderator for Facebook, that found himself on the receiving end of mass censorship when he bravely stepped forward last year to blow the whistle on the bias and mass censorship happening at Facebook.

“It is fascinating how the red carpet was rolled out for her, and I think it’s mainly because she was able to mention January 6th and blame it partially on Facebook. This is the most preposterous thing I’ve heard, because I personally raised “civil war” and “boogaloo” trends to Facebook, so they were keenly aware of any political movements on the right and were taking action against conservatives on a daily basis,” Hartwig stated for The Free Thought Project.

“I think she genuinely believes that Facebook should save society. She describes working with past Silicon Valley companies, so I think she’s been in that leftist cultural bubble of groupthink for so long that she can’t comprehend opposing viewpoints in a clear manner,” he said.

He continued,

“This clearly benefits Facebook, because she said in her testimony they only delete about 3 to 5 percent of the violent content on Facebook. This clearly means in order to be more “effective” they would have to hire more content moderators and expand their online presence even more.

Facebook and Google already control so much of the internet traffic, so I think the ultimate goal is to hijack the internet itself. The entire principle of the internet is to be unregulated and not government regulated or have centralized control, so Haugen’s argument is antithetical to the founding principles of the internet.”

This entire setup situation is in stark contrast to actual whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, or Chelsea Manning – all of whom have been exiled, kidnapped, imprisoned, and shunned by the media.


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