2 TikTok creators to stand trial for human trafficking

Source: Mada Masr

Date: 3/14/2021

Content creators Haneen Hossam and Mowada al-Adham were referred to trial on Sunday on charges of human trafficking, according to the privately owned Al-Shorouk newspaper. 

Sources who spoke to Al-Shorouk said the trial would look at evidence that Hossam participated in founding a social media group called “the Agency” over a two year period, based on investigations by the Interior Ministry’s morality police division.

Adham is currently in detention, while Hossam was released in February.

Hossam and Adham were both tried in an earlier case on charges related to “violating family values” in relation to their activity on TikTok and other content sharing apps. Hossam was acquitted while Adham was convicted and fined LE300,000. 

Both Hossam and Adham were ordered released in January, but were held longer as the Public Prosecution appealed the release orders, pressing the new human trafficking charges.

While Hossam was released in early February, Adham’s detention was renewed for 45 days.

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