At least 90 people recovered from suspected smuggling operation in Houston, Texas, and authorities are worried some contracted COVID-19

Source: Business Insider

Date: 5/1/2021

Houston police uncovered a house with more than 90 people packed inside on Friday in a suspected smuggling case, authorities said.

At a media briefing, Houston Police Assistant Chief Daryn Edwards said the Houston Police Department responded to a kidnapping call at a different location last night, which led them to the house this morning.

When police entered and found close to 90 people huddled closely in two rooms it was a "big surprise," Edwards said.

Edwards added that all of the individuals were being tested for COVID-19 because several of them were symptomatic and not able to smell or taste. He added that many had not eaten in a while, and the youngest was in their early 20s.

They were given water and food.

Edwards said that there were around five women in the group, and the rest were men. In the two story house, Edwards said all of the victims were in two separate rooms, packed closely and sitting down, when authorities arrived.

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