Watch: Gutfeld: Rittenhouse Acquittal ‘Is a Loss’ for CNN, MSNBC and Stupid People

Source: Resist the Mainstream

Date: 11/20/2021

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal was “a loss” for CNN, MSNBC, and stupid people, among others, on the Fox News show “The Five.”

Rittenhouse, who was charged for killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz on Aug. 25, 2020, was acquitted Friday.

“It was a victory for self-defense,” Gutfeld said, “it was a victory for the Second Amendment, it was a victory for people who don’t like pedophiles, who don’t like riots, who don’t like domestic abusers. It is a loss for CNN, a loss for MSNBC, a loss for stupid people, a loss for people who want to defund the police. It’s a loss for the legacy media that try to change the narrative away from the truth and create a basket of lies.”


Gutfeld also criticized the media for defending riots and lambasting Rittenhouse’s self-defense actions.

“It’s crazy that there are people on other networks who champion riots but not self-defense,” Gutfeld said. “So, violence is okay if it’s en masse, if it’s a group of people. But if it’s you up against a guy with a skateboard which murders people, you can google it, that’s wrong, so there you go.”

This is an excerpt from the Daily Caller.


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