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Date: 7/2/2020


It's about time the world got informed about the elites preferred drug of choice and its disturbing torturous methods of production. Adrenochrome, a chemical known  by "modern science" since at least the 1930's, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3. For the purpose of this summary we are primarily focusing on the natural version of adrenochrome and not the synthetic equivalent, as the elites use the most addictive and expensive stuff.

To put this in laymens terms adrenochrome is the adrenalized blood that is harvested when a human is abused and tortured to death. The use of extreme sexual torture, satanically ritualized sodomy and violent rape of children in nightmarish demon-god sex rituals specifically designed to create maximum terror in a child’s body, to overload their blood with adrenochrome prior to extraction. The blood must be harvested quickly by puncturing their skull with a hypodermic needle right in the center of their forehead where the third eye/pineal gland is located. Younger children are preferred for these satanic rituals because their pineal glands are only minimally calcified by the fluoride in our water and toxins in our food/environment.

In the following clip we see a young Syrian girl taken by traffickers as she panics, raising her adrenaline, right before they put her up on a table with a tray put beneath her, to harvest either her adrenochrome and/or organs. In the video you will also notice small children covered up on harvesting tables and on the ground discarded like trash in bags.

These global elites and celebrities take the adrenochrome for its psychoactive effects of including euphoria, greater health, increased vivacity, change in train of thought, lack of judgment. Just as there are benefits for any drug there are withdrawals too.

It was reported that all of the adrenochrome production facilities have been shutdown as part of the White Hat Military Alliance draining the deep state Luciferian Fascist Zionist Freemasonic Jesuit Illuminati swamp. However, before they were shutdown the last supply was purposefully tainted with a HIV version of COVID-19 to act as a marker for those elites involved in crimes against humanity. We are witnessing many of these elites suffer from adrenochrome withdrawal during the COVID-19-AI-NWO-plandemic-scamdemic. We can identify they are suffering from adrenochrome withdrawal as the symptoms include reversing positive effects, schizophrenia, sever physical / mental / emotional damage, and accelerated aging. The following image differentiates the SARS versus HIV strain of COIVD-19 and the possible outcomes for either scenario.

COVID-19 Strains: SARS vs. HIV

Google patents search yields over 4,200 results containing "adrenochrome" with results stemming as far back as 1944.

This is nothing new as seen in the following historical symbolic depiction of adrenochrome consumption.

Historical Symbolic Depiction of Adrenochrome Consumption

Supporting Evidence: Images & Videos

CYM Corp Detention & Production Site In Texas

As seen in the above documents and following Gab profile the company conveniently rented an office at the Trump Tower (725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States Of America, Office 292) to make it seems as if Trump is somehow affiliated with adrenochrome.

The following image and investor video clip were archived from Adrenochrome.net which is no longer online. This site claimed to be a new cryptocurrency (ADC) used strictly for the facilitation of international adrenochrome trading. Take a look at some of the other archived pages from their website:

Relatedly, as seen below an adrenochrome delivery truck has been spotted, claiming to offer every "flavour" with 24/7/365 home delivery service.

The adrenochrome we are discussing here today is not to be confused with the synthetic versions available on the online market for significantly less as seen below.

Trump intentionally misspelled children as "chidlren" as it relates to products being sold online that come from missing children that are enslaved for the purpose of being tortured and having their adrenochrome repeatedly harvested until they are murdered when they are no longer useful slaves.

Cheddar Pringles cans at one point in time also had an alphanumeric code on the bottom of the can that when searched on Alibaba.com redirects to adrenochrome listings as seen in the following video. The pedophiliac corporations intentionally use cheese and pizza themed items (in relation to PizzaGate) like this to help their blood drinking Luciferian clientele easily find sources of adrenochrome.

There is even a Shanxi, China based company "Xi'an Geekee Biotech Co., Ltd." or "Xi'an Juke Biological Technology Co., Ltd." openly selling "Chidlren Harvested Epinephrine Adrenochrome" as seen below on Alibaba.com as recent as March 27, 2021.

25MG Adrenochrome Bottle

Adrenalized American Kid Meat

Elites Involved With Adrenochrome Can Sometimes Be Seen Wearing A Red "Blood" Onyx Ring

The Freemasonic Jesuit Cabal has even instilled the symbolism of harvesting adrenochrome and loosh (negative spiritual energy) throughout children's movies, like Monsters, Inc. for example. In the movie we see various types of "monsters" which in realty are actually variations of the overlord reptilian and archon species. To put it plainly, the reptilian species require either stem cell rich blood or adrenochrome (especially in Vril Lizard Reptilian parasite cases) and the archons require our negative low vibrational spiritual energies as their preferential source of energy consumption. Notice in the movie the "scream" cannisters fill up red which is symbolic of adrenochrome and the scream harvesting is symbolic of low vibrational spiritual energies being harvested. In addition, the movie logo itself represents the "all-seeing eye" or "third eye" or "pineal gland" or "Eye of Ra" which is where the adrenochrome is harvested from, after torturing the children and where the soul is believed to sit until a certain level of vibrational ascension.

Monsters Inc. Depicts Children Used For Harvesting Adrenochrome & Loosh

In the following example we have Hillary Clinton refer to a bottle of hot sauce she carries around everywhere with her in her purse and then the Masonic talk show hosts shill for her to make a mockery of the whole situation.


In plain sight the Simpsons even discuss the blood of a young boy as being responsible for getting Mr. burns "back in the pink."







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