RED ALERT: America’s 9 Meals Away From Anarchy! Planned Massive Civil Unrest!

Source: True Reporter

Date: 10/22/2021

Widespread food scarcity is already planned, and it’s only a matter of time when it will become so evident that even the MSM can’t hide that.

We are in front of the Dark Winter. Famine has started knocking on American’s doors, and many people have lost their jobs. Besides famine, we will witness energy collapse, hyperinflation, and medical martial laws.

In the following months, we will struggle with:

  • Food riots in Democrat-run cities
  • Government-enforced rationing of food purchases at retail (welcome to Amerizuela)
  • Some sort of food rationing enforcement ID system, possibly a biometric / Mark of the Beast system
  • Aggressive public shaming of “hoarders” and possible criminalization of stockpiling food

People know that the schools don’t have food anymore. Even one school in Alabama told the parents not to send the children to school because they didn’t have food for the students.

In the markets, the shelves are empty; check the hashtag #BareShelvesBiden.

Even the mainstream media began reporting on the shortages and blamed hoarders, not the engineered supply chain crisis caused by the Biden administration.

The food manufacturers issued a warning on the massive food price increase in the future, and grocery retailers have to dispatch the cargo trucks to food manufacturers to take the food pallets because there’s a lack of workers, and the food can’t be delivered.


The food collapse is created on purpose aiming for food scarcity by Christmas.

The Biden criminals want America to collapse, struggle with civil unrest and anarchy, and delay the 2022 election, preserving Dems rule for the foreseeable future.

They want to fire police officers, firefighters, and 911 operators.

Governments and leaders fire the people who refuse the vaccine and collaborate with those who may die due to the C-19 vaccine side effects. The result is the gutting of the nation’s infrastructure, transportation, logistics, medicine, law enforcement, legal government, etc.

These things are part of the systematic dismantling of the nation. Americans will face mass starvation, destitution, and anger causing nation revolt that Biden and his administration will cause.

It would be a January 6 event on a national scale. The protesters will get the bioweapon that the DHS tests in the open in NYC.

President Biden and the globalist controllers want to start a war against the Americans, resulting from every Marxist and fascist government regime.

Americans weren’t prepared to hear something like this, but sooner or later, they will experience it.

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